If you knew of the "40 Year Plan," you would have called me an ignorant "conspiracy freak."

If I told you 40 years ago that people of power in this country would tax your savings accounts and the air you breath,  force you buy the most expensive fuel man can imagine,  ban the light bulb in exchange for a unit that is full of mercury,  take food away from the starving populations in Africa for the sake of an alternative corn fuel that cost three times the energy it saves  and is twice the pollutant as fossil fuels,  set limits on your wages and give the "excess" to the sit-on-their-butts poor,  would consider painting the roof tops and highway white in order to reflect heat and somehow save energy,  would order all horse and pack-animal traffic out of the national forests,  do away with the Constitution, entertain communists at all levels of government, order businesses to develop their own power grid or shut down,  entertain race riots and class warfare as pathways to social change,  order the surrender of all American troops to a centralized world organization,  ban "God" from our schools, our money and our government buildings,  move America into a world court system of "justice,"    order the Catholic Church to abandon papal authority,  prevent students from attending a religion function while they fulfilled their service requirement to the central government, force churches to employee atheists,   seize control of the nations farms and manufacturing sectors,  control all lending,   order the deaths of all surviving abortion victims, take control of the internet,  ciminalize political speech that is counter to the counter-revolution,  demand  you purchase cars that are all electric and have to be charged every 40 miles,  order all American citizens to join an AFL-CIO inspired union or not work at all,  turn in our guns for no good reason except for the concentration of power in perpetuity . . . . . . you would think that I was borderline insane.

Geeeesh.  I guess you will just have to call me crazy, then.