George Zimmerman: arrangement and bail

Update: Zimmerman will be held over for trial.  His bond is set at $150,000 (requiring $15,000 in cash) and might be allowed to leave the state until the trial begins. Zimmerman apologized for the death of the boy, saying "I did not know if he was armed."  Zimmerman and Martin's family did not meet "eye to eye" during the hearing.  Zimmerman surrendered his passport,  has to live under a curfew and must wear a tracking device.  It was revealed that his wife has been living outside the state, for fear of her life.  Also,  Zimmerman's family was forced to testify via phone, again,  in fear for their lives.  Such is the black and hateful bias surrounding this trial.  

Update:  He is charged with second degree murder,  which has no minimum sentencing requirements should Zimmerman be found guilty.   

Original text:
This morning, in Florida,  there is a hearing to determine bail issues concerning George Zimmerman as relates to bail and probable cause.  The affidavit for probable cause is one of the shortage forms ever presented in a Florida court,  and is in question for that reason.   In fact, many experts believe that the affidavit does not have enough information within his script to establish intent or malice,  not to mention probable cause.  We will be updating this post, in short order.

ABC News is finally reporting the truth about George Zimmerman’s injuries.  In an ABC report published today (April 20), the network admits to the fact that the video of Zimmerman's arrest following his voluntary surrender, shows wounds that support some of his claims.  

From the beginning,  Zimmerman has maintained that he left off following the younger Trayvon Martin,  and returned to his vehicle to wait for police assistance.  Witnesses place him at his truck,  with Trayvon returning to challenge Zimmerman,  taking him to the ground with a punch to the face and continuing a  physical assault that caused physical injury to the back of Zimmerman’s head.

All of the major networks,  in a disgusting display of race bias,  edited both the video and audio evidence to make it appear that Zimmerman was either at fault or lying about various aspects of his pre-arrest testimony.  In the end,  both video and audio evidence supports Zimmerman’s claim. 

While the parents of Trayvon Martin have been portrayed as being only concerned for an arrest of George Zimmerman,  we know that those with whom they associate,  are calling for the conviction of Zimmerman,  even his death.  

The incident occurred on February 26, 2012.