About Obama and HIS war on women.

Macho Man's war on women.  Its all good as long as
you don't work for this guy.  

This may surprise you,  but the White House staff numbers 454 individuals not including its Czar population and their staff.  The most recent staff report, the  2011 annual report    includes a listing of the wages for each of these individuals.

The median salary for the ladies on this list is $60,000 while the median salary for the men is 71,000.

There are nine staff members, each earning a top salary of 172,200.  Only three of the nine are women,  including Valarie Jarrett.

Obama is personally in charge of his staff and their pay,  The women (his women) were paid 18% less than the men. in 2011,  down drastically for the 11% difference in 2009 (LINK)  

Can someone say,  "Obama's war on women?"

Update:  These words were taken from the Obama campaign site: 

"It's a right that each of us should have. Not based on our party affiliation but based on who we are and what we do."
—Lilly Ledbetter, on the Fair Pay Act that carries her name

We are thinking she should have cleared this with Obama, first.  Why?  Because her comment has nothing to do with the way women are treated in the Obama White House.  Did Bush and Clinton do better?  Ah !! That is not the point,  is it.  Obama pretends to be a cut above his predecessors. Turns out he is all talk and that is what this election is all about.  I've said it before but,  

Time for talk is over;  time for action is now.  Indeed !!


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