2012 Presidential Campaign: Week Three - Days 3 and 4. Bail-outs and scandals typify the first three weeks of the 2012 Campaign Season.

For Obama, the first three weeks (ending this weekend) were all about scandals and promises of more bail-outs. Obama continues to avoid his record.  More importantly,   he refuses to quantify his agenda for his next prospective term.  We need to know the specifics for his second term.  He did not offer up any specifics in 2008.  Are we going to allow him the same campaign nonsense in 2012?  

The Obama adminstration spent most of the past two days dealing with separate firestorms:

1.  It has been caught scrubbing the internet of a speech made by one of its EPA administrators in 2010 - a speech in which it was said that the Administration, via its EPA,  intended to make examples of energy companies that resisted the Administration;  that the EPA would crucify its industrial opposition and,  in so doing,  make the battle for compliance an easier administrative task.    We posted the video on our site.  It could be found on several other sites on the web, as well,  including a large Catholic site, Glenn Beck's The Blaze, the Daily Caller and the Right Scoop . . . . all of which have been scrubbed. There is a snippet on Fox News, here.  Go to Fox News for the full story or scroll down on this blog for same.

The sad thing about all this,  is the fact that the Administration is using tactics designed to bring its opposition into submission.  This is a big deal  - not only the attempted cover-up but the two year old agenda,  itself.

2.  As if one firestorm per week,  was not enough,  the Administration decided that now was a good time to go after America's family farms.  The Department of Labor made it known that an 87 page collection of rules and regulations would be enforced, relating to the conduct of family members on a family farm. That was two days ago.  Thursday evening,  Obama's henchmen completely backed off that decision and declared the effort would not be repeated during this Administrations time in office  --  as if anyone has reason to believe anything this bunch of Marxist Misfits have to say.

3.  Thursday saw a fifth week of rising unemployment numbers,  certainly not good news for this administration.  Unemployment claims went up as jobs creation continued its downward trend.  Let's not forget that this Administration is using a different set of numbers to figure unemployment from what it used in 2009.  Using the Administrations earlier workforce estimates,  our unemployment rate would be 10.9%.  You tell me how bad things are:  of the potential 156 million people in the workforce,  only 84 million filed federal income tax forms in 2010.  A similar number is expected for the new tax season.

4.  Apparently Nancy Pelosi's effort to rewrite the 1st Amendment has been postponed,  for the time being.  A campaign year not the best time for this sort of blond-brained nonsense.

Romney:  is spending the time interviewing prospects for the VP position, working on rough drafts, and plotting campaign strategies.