2012 Campaign Notes: Monday - Week #3.

1.   NYTimes runs article in concert with Barack Hussein's Administration stating in no uncertain terms his decision to run the government without the help of Congress.
(Shift on executive power lets Obama bypass [Congress])

He and his Marxist buds begin the justification process for his dictatorial reign, by claiming Bush functioned outside Congress, as well, using "executive orders" more often than Obama. The difference,  however,  is found in what "executive orders" were used for under Bush and,  again, under Obama.  Bush did not use the powers of his presidency to advance his agenda,  even with the Iraqi war.   Obama intends to transform the United States on his own and, for that,  there is no precedent.  He is our first Rogue President.

2.   Jay Carney informs the press that Obama's Administration has completed an investigation of itself  (he was being serious) and found that it was above reproach with regard to the sex scandal in Columbia (24 agents and Secret Service people are involved to date).

3.  Obama staffer declares the "war on terror is over" and uses that "fact" to justify Obama's embracing of Islam.  (LINK ) . 

4.  Obama used the excuse of a news conference,  again,  to command free campaign air time.  I didn't watch so I have no idea what the big news of the day was,  coming from the Slickmeister.  But,  since he has run out of ideas and has no command for the rhetorically profound,  whatever he said, this morning,  will turn up again, in some speech down the line.

Romney begins campaigning with Marco Rubio.  Last week,  he toured with Paul Ryan.  He is still working on his strategy.  If he has not made a fight of this campaign within a month,  then we should begin the worrying process.  Until,  then,  the man deserves a little time.