With Palin and Associates sitting, ready to pounce, this latest news has to be of great concern to Obama.

Yesterday, bad news hit the fan with Obama telling Senate and House Democrats there would be no money coming from the DNC,  this election cycle, a rather shocking development in view of the fact that the Lame Stream Media has been telling us "all is well" with Obama and his campaign funding goal of a billion dollars.

Understand that he has been officially campaigning since the first week of April,  2011.  In the 11 month period since then,  he has raised a disturbingly low  $178 million,   according to this graph from the Washington Post. 
$178.1 million raised
Data updated March 6, 2012

Of course,  Democrat SuperPac money is considerable,  but most of that will be used in support of Obama's re-election,  with two of these Pacs being run by his subordinates. GOP SuperPacs are well heeled, as well. 

In effect,  Obama threw his Democrat congressional partners "under the bus" with this latest announcement.  "You're on your own"  has to be have the feel of a knife in the back,  to many within his party.    I personally believe that Obama has been the worst thing to happen to the Democrat/Progressive party ever;  disappointment is palatable within his base and visceral within the larger electorate.  

One can only play word games until reality becomes unavoidable  -  and that time is now.  Will it benefit Dems or the GOP ?  That is not yet clear,  but it is certain that Obama is running well behind his expectations for this point in the campaign.