They were loaded for rabbit and Rush was loaded for bear. Guess who won and why.

Rush and wife, Kathryn Rogers
On Monday of this week,   the 630+  radio stations airing the Rush Limbaugh Show were told by his syndicator, Premiere Radio Networks, that they could and should resume scheduling “barter” ads during his programming hour. Stations are required to run these ads in exchange for paying discounted fees to Premiere for  airing Limbaugh’s show.  You may have heard Rush refer to "Clear Channel."   Clear Channel owns Premiere.  Clear Channel had ordered Premiere to stop with the barter ads,  until things settled down.  That ban was on for a mere two weeks.  

The charge against Rush was lead by Media Matters, a 501c3 operating in violation of its "non-political" register as a 501c3,  but which government cares about the rules,  especially when they affect the Lift Wing? 

While Media Matters pretended to be concerned from women rights and the civility of our national discourse,  in the end,  it was all about the death of the Rush Limbaugh show.  And , like little children sensing free candy,  they swarmed around the Second American Conservative Hero (after Reagan), but failed to bring him down. Only two of his 630 station kingdom quit his programming,  one in Hawaii and the other in the blue state of Massachusetts. Virtually all of his long term sponsors remained with the program and two of the sponsors leaving the show tried to reverse their decisions,  but were denied by Rush.  

Understand that during this month long ordeal, emails supporting Rush were coming in at a 15 to 1 ratio.  Media Matters has a core group of volunteers working with, of around 2 million members (they claim 5 million) who are dedicated to the cause of assassination via techno-weaponry and [especially] the social network.  The Left thinks their world is so much larger than these two million embattled volunteers,  but,  as it turns out,  such is the Left's  core constituency.  Two million against the TEA party movement of 35 million ?!  Bring it on !!  

Understand, this is just the beginning.  "They" know that this election is even more important for their movement than it is for the Truth.  Expect them to go down swinging.  They cannot have another 2010 midterm election,  and they know it.  

Me?  I am attending a "training" session on April 14.  They think I am one of them.  Should be fun. I will report on the meeting later.