The truth about the birth certificate issue (yes, it is back in the news).

This will come as a surprise to most,  but the majority of people who believe Barack Obama is a Muslim are not Republicans. In a  national poll on the subject, taken by PEW Research in 2010, that research firm surveyed 2,811 people about Barack Obama’s religion. Approximately 536 (19%) offered the opinion that he was a Muslim. Of those 536 people, 261 (49%) identified as Republican, 51% identified as Democrat,  Independent or “other.”   

When it comes to his place of birth,  ABC News found that only 38% of  "Birthers" were Republicans; the remaining 62% were Democrats, Independents, or “other.”   

This was the first effort but
was not the actual certificate
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A more believable "long
form was presented in 2011
Sheriff is attempting to
verify this document.
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At the time the birth certificate issue hit the fan,  even some of the Brits thought the first effort at a birth certificate was a forgery.  

And now,  Sheriff Arpaio is carrying on a present-time investigation.  Since Obama finally (after nearly four freaking years)  presented an actually birth certificate,  after being hounded by Donald Trump, it is obvious that the good sheriff is wasting his time.  With that in mind,  there is no reason to stop Arpaio from finishing off his investigation.  It will only confirm what many already know to be true, right?  So I say,  let Arpaio do his investigation,  while the rest of us get on with the business of defeating this Chicago punk at the November polls.  

Notes:  the only thing that bothered me,  in all this, was the fact that when the birth certificate was first questioned,  during the '08 campaign,  Obama left the campaign trail to visit his sick grandmother,  in a Hawaiian hospital (she later died of her illness).  The troublesome part is found in the fact that he went to Hawaii without a press corps - something that is never done.   There is absolutely no documentation as to where he went,  no photos, no nothing,  while in Hawaii.  Shortly after coming back to the campaign trail,  the certificate "copy" (upper left) turned up and the rest is history.  So why no press corps  (pronounced "core" for all you Democrat/Obamanites out there).  Why the secrecy?  Why the sudden disclosure of the first "birth certificate (and it was presented as the birth certificate by the Obama people). And why,  after taking a beating from Donald Trump,  does the real birth certificate suddenly show up?