In defense of Rush and a thing called "The Truth."

 I am a huge Rush fan and proudly so.  I don't agree with everything he says,  but HE KNOWS THIS.  Would I have made the same point about Fluke?  Probably.  Would I have doubled down on the matter?  Probably not.

Rush has a listening audience of around 23 million weekly.  I believe that he has between 9 and 12 million different listeners who make up that 23 million "pageview" audience. Its kind of like blogging.  I will total somewhere close to 550,000 pageviews this year on Midknight Review, alone,    but that is not 550,000 different people. I have close to 8,200 pageviews  per week who are “regular” pr repeat  attendees.  About 12% of this weekly total are first timers who do not repeat.     Limbaugh's record is to be figured in a similar fashion.  He  does not have 23 million different listeners per month although that is his “market share.”  .  His daily 3 hour audience is around 4.5 million. People come and go during his three hour broadcast.    I listen to him around 4 times a week.  I never listen to more than an hour and a half and I am a typical listener.  In fact,  most people I know listen to Rush no more than 30 minutes a day,  when they are in their cars going somewhere. Of the dedicated 60 million conservatives in this nation,  Rush listeners probably total 15 to 20 percent of that population.  That is why I say that "he is not the GOP,"  not even close.

Secondly,  the reason Democrats made up this contraception issue  when there was no disagreement on that issue, is because they are getting their butts kicked on the Constitutional and related issue of the government telling a church what it must do and what it must believe.  After Santorum is gone,  the campaign will be about this last issue,  not the first at all.  I do not care how many times a 30 year old college student gets poked.  I do care when she makes me pay for it.

Take the make-believe support of “98% of Catholic women” on the contraception issue.  That is the number quoted by Dems.  It is a made up number for which proof is never offered.     Apparently,  Democrats believe that 98 % of all women are sexually active when it is a statistical fact that close to 30 percent of the population does not sexually co-habitat -  more true for women than the male hornisticatillia.  In a recent Gallup survey,  59% of Catholic women do not believe the government should have anything to say to that church on this issue.  THAT is the fact,  of the matter.
Understand that birth control in this nation is ALREADY a freebie.  The thrust of the debate is going to change and in "our favor,"  soon enough.

If Pro-Flowers quit Rush,  I will quit them.  Ditto for the Number Bed and Carbonite - and I will let them know it AND,  there will be a constant reminder on this blog.  Why do you think GM is failing with the Volt?  There is a silent conservative boycott going on against the Volt and GM proving, of course,  that the silent treatment works.