"Divide and conquer" is not working for Obama . . . . so far.

B Obama has been reduced to begging for speaking appointments , especially to women and young adult audience.  In the latest example, The Hill is reporting that he had Bernard College,  in New York, cancel their original scheduled speaker,  Jill Abramson,  the executive editor at the New York Times in order to allow him to present at the college's commencement program.  Serious surveys show Obama losing about 8 percent of the women's vote,  compared to 2008.  Bernard is a women's college.

From my point of view,  I really do not understand why this is a campaign strategy  -  his appearance at Bernard.  Seems to me that he will be "preaching to the choir."

But I get the fact that his 2012 strategy is to continue to divide the nation,  believing he can win re-election without the working middle class vote.  He knows that he can "rule" without involving Congress  -  and such is acceptable to him.

He is a man with no conscience (being raised without a father is a huge contributing factor) ,  a pathological liar,  and a de facto enemy to the working class citizen.  Virtually everything he has done,  over the years,  has brought great harm to the middle class.  Food and Fuel are up,  substantially,  because of the Obama push against cheap heating fuel and consistent transportation.   Additionally, food prices that have increased more than 10% since January of 2009  . . . . . . .  all of this effects the middle class more than any other class of American citizenry.

Point of post:  there really can be no question as to the difficulties B Obama is facing with the female vote,  in view of the fact that he has gone begging for speaking engagements before women groups.  Contraception issues are not nearly as important to women as are the health and well being of the family.  We cannot afford the cars he is pushing,  the fuel his selling,  the houses he pretends to be financing.  Clothing costs are rising, sharply.  And the government is committed to increasing control over our children.   And women are more concerned for contraception?   Geeeesh.