Again, we put Sarah Palin's debate before your fearless leader.

From this day forward, you cannot make fun of Palin without being reminded of your own cowardice. 

Sarah Palin challenges Obama to debate ‘anywhere, anytime’
  —  Sarah Palin shot back at the Obama re-election campaign this week, after it used footage of her in a fundraising video.  —  “I'm not running for any office, but I'm more than happy to accept the dubious honor of being Barack Obama's 'enemy … 

Editor's notes:  you Lefties have waited and waited to "take Palin out."  Well, now you have the opportunity.  She has called out the President of the United States,  Barack Hussein Obama.  It's debate time.  Of course,  you Losers on the Left will pass up the chance to do her in,  but why?  And,  at what cost?  

<<<<<<<  Obama's response to Palin's debate challenge, no doubt.  To the Slickmeister we say,  Bring it on!!

Think what Obama could do to the conservative TEA Party movement in a single 60 or 90 minute debate.  

The armies gather on the battle field and send their champions to the center of the theater ---  winner take all.  "They" should love this scenario.

If Obama wins this debate,  he would destroy the GOP opposition and insure a Democrat congressional revival in November.   If he loses, well,  how in the heck  could he lose?    There is the distinct possibility that a Palin defeat would mark the end of the majority conservative opinion in this country and who,  on the Left, believes that Palin could possibly win?  For years it has been "Palin is stupid,"  Palin "does not understand the simplest logic."  "She is a damn fool."   Most of you social Marxists have had a lot of fun at the expense of Sarah Palin.  Now,  you bunch of cowards have the chance to finish her off.  

But you Libs refuse to even talk about this challenge.  Put it on your networks.  Start laughing at Palin again.  Bring it on; after all,  you can't lose.  Let's do this.  

Instead, you talk about the genius of algae and the silliness of mercury filled light bulbs and the economic value of airing up your tires.  

As a result, forever,  we get to talk about the cowardice of Obama.   I am certain there are those within the Obama camp, wishing to take the challenge but conflicted in knowing of the risk of a debate in which Palin holds her own  --  it would destroy Obama's candidacy.  So they will pretend that such a public confrontation is beneath them,  smile that arrogant smile of theirs and hope it all goes away, soon enough.  

Oh well.  Put up or shut up. That's what we say.

Bloggers bigger than me:  let's ram this down Obama's throat.
I am not big enough to make this work,  but some of you are.  
I just hope you all have the confidence I have in Sarah Palin. 

Note: the challenge was made and the article originally post on 3/13/12

End notes: 
The Biden debate was not Palin's only debate. 

She beat a Republican incumbent governor who had previously been in the senate forever, in the primary, and then beat a popular former two term Democrat governor in the general... the media want to declare her lightweight? GREAT! let’s keep up with that narrative so that we she pummels that bully Biden, they will be so shocked... so shocked... 
comments taken from Free Republic. 

Think about this:  Palin's challenge came in the face of the hit piece on HBO called "Game Change"  The movie scored 3.6 million over the weekend it was first aired. Compare that to the 19 million who watched "Sarah's Alaska" and the 5 million who watched the first film in that series.