Updated text: I am thinking there is no one left but Sarah Palin; here is why and you just might agree.

Here is our discussion of Santorum's defense against charges that he is anti-contraception.  Go to: 

Understand that Santorum fostered the "rumor" that he was anti-conception.  In recent days and since the dust-up over Obama's assault on religious liberties,  he has made public statements as to the dangers of contraception.  Rather than use Obama's assault as fodder for his campaign,  Santorum stupidly decided to start campaigning against the dangers of contraception.  More than contraception,  we all thought his position against abortion included  opposition to  Planned Parenthood.  Turns out that he opposed this Nazi solution to family planning only after spending ten years in congress (4 years as a Representative and 6 years as a Senator) supporting funding for Planned Parenthood.  


What a bunch of losers we have for GOP candidates.  There is Gingrich,  preparing to bring his mistress into the White House.  Mitt Romney is still trying to learn the jargon of a "true conservative."  Ron Paul thinks it is just "hunky-dory" for Iran to have a nuclear weapons capability.  And,  now,  we learn that Santorum will support whatever he has to, to get himself elected.