The "new" Sarah Palin - she just finished her best week in years.

This has been Sarah Palin's best week,  in years   . . . . .  without question. 

She was invited to write an article for Newsweek dealing with her special cares child,  Trig.  The article was well written and well received and, again,  the Libs at Newsweek asked her to write the article,  and published the article without the typical Liberal bias that accompanies anything she does. 

Her speech at CPAC was the best of the entire conference and re-established her relevancy as a TEA party representative. 

And her "sit down" with Chris Wallace,  Sunday morning,   presented a very well spoken Sarah Palin.  Her ability to put her thoughts into words,  "off the top of her head,"  has profoundly improved.  

I have been openly critical of Palin's speaking ability as relates to her spontaneous and unprepared response(s).  No more.  And I am quite excited about Palin and her leadership potential within the GOP.