The OMB tells us that Obama is the "biggest spender" in modern history. Here is proof.

Of late,  new Democrat talking points include a defense of Obama's spending that includes the notion that most of his deficit spending is "structured" debt.  In other words,  Obama had no choice but to run high deficits.  

Turns out that this is not true.  GDP to debt ratios are telling,  when it comes to Obama's spending mania.  

The OMB released the information for this Heritage chart some time ago (late 2011).  From its revelations,  we learn that Bush 43 was not the big spender we have been told and Obama's spending  (in just three years)  is so much more as to be frightening.  18.5%,  debt to GDP,  is considered "normal."  We were at 20% of GDP at the end of Bush 43 and are currently sitting at 26% of GDP under Obama.  In other words,  of the 15 trillion dollars used to buy and sell,  in a single year (GDP),  a full quarter of that total is found in our borrowing transaction(s).  

Understand that a full 20% of our population is funded by the Federal Government cradle to grave,  including health (free medical services before ObamaCare),  welfare (rent, food, childcare etc) and retirement and no one is trying to give them the ability to fend for themselves.  Heck,  we give 1.6 billion a year for free cell phones and service,  a give away program that benefits 12,5 million Americans. This program,  alone,  has doubled since Obama came into power.     The value of all welfare benefits total more than $32,700 per year per individual (for the 20%) . To put that into context,  you should know that the average annual income, per working class folks,  is $32,400.   

Point of post:  to make it clear that (A) Obama really is the big spender we all think he is,  and (B) that welfare spending is at record highs,  dispelling the lie that the poor are more disadvantaged,  today  (because of the rich)  than they were at anytime in the past.  And,  who do you think these people vote for ??  Sadly,  the Democrat voting strategies are working.