TEA Party !! Is this what you want - a representative of TEA Party values willing to make alliances with Socialist unions in order to win an election? If the TEA Party supports this, it stands for nothing.

Call me crazy,  but this TEA Party patriot does not want a GOP representative who will ally himself with Big Government Democrat/Socialists to defeat one of his GOP opponents.   

Understand that the Left wants Santorum as the GOP candidate.  With Rick as the GOP offering,  Democrats will be able to run a campaign based on their world view of moral issues versus Santorum's.  With Santorum in place,  the fight will be about Rick as much as it will be about Obama . . . . . . . . . . .  if not more so,  

In the face of this reality,  Santorum has decided to partner with big government union workers in Michigan,  inviting them to vote in the Michigan open primary,  helping him to defeat Romney.  

Santorum stupidly defends this moves,  expressing the belief that he is forming an election season alliance that will [also] help him beat Obama.  Anyone,  absolutely anyone,  who believes that Santorum is not crafting his own general election victory in this alliance,  is simply not paying any attention to what is going on within Democrat voters. 

What has me most upset,  is the fact that Michigan TEA party folks are supporting this "small government, principled" phony.

On Principle - Santorum is a Phony.
In the most recent debate,  Santorum made it clear that,  on occasion,  he is fully capable of  voting against his principles as he "takes one for the team."  

On Big Government - Santorum is a Phony
In our research of this Pennsylvanian Loser, we found that he voted to double the size of the Department of Education,  voting to support one of the more godless/secular agencies in our governmental system,  voting to keep Big Government at the center of our children's education,  voting to ultimately support the godless educational agenda of the Far Left.

On Abortion - Santorum is a Phony
In defending his statements on contraception,  Santorum used his several votes in support of Title X as evidence that,  should he be elected,  he would not oppose contraception,  legally.  Turns out that his much touted support of Title X translated, also, into support for the continual funding of Planned Parenthood and its 325,000 abortions, annually.   

On the Auto Bailouts - Santorum is a Phony
Yesterday,  Santorum's Michigan  robo-calls sought to inflame the passions of unionized Democrat auto workers, making the point that Romney voted for TARP but not for the auto bailouts.  The fact that Santorum voted against the auto bailouts,  as well,  is apparently not important since he opposed TARP,  as well.  Idiot.  

Understand that all remaining GOP candidates are less than desirable,  but far better than the corruption and collectivism of the existing imperialist president. On point, however,  I find that Santorum is a more dangerous proponent of political compromise than any of the other candidates.  The time to stop this phony baloney, plastic banana,  clown is now.