Since contraception is already free, ObamaCare has to be about something else, altogether.

Yahoo:  “Obama on Friday made insurers responsible for providing free birth control to employees of religious groups, aiming to placate outraged leaders of the Catholic church who oppose contraception and to defuse an election-year landmine. . . . .”
Editor’s notes:  so goes the story line from Reuters.  None of it is true.  First,  Obama has placated no one of import within the Catholic Church or among Evangelicals.  Secondly,  this issue is not about “free contraception”  because women have access to free contraception,  anywhere and anytime,  in this country.  This is about the government telling a church that its doctrines do not line up with social priorities and must be changed,  because of that. 
Understand this,  nothing in the ObamaCare law,  on this point,  has been changed.  The wording that led Obama to may his controversial first decision is the same, precisely the same,  as before this controversial decision blew-up in his face.  The law is not being rewritten to include private insurance companies  when,  before, they were excluded.  Nothing has changed except that the has made the subtle decision to wait until later,  to enforce  his punitive law against “the church.” 
More than this,  take a look at what he has done or pretended to have done.  When faced with a problem in applying the law,  Obama simply changed his mind. In effect,  he rewrote the law on a whim and made that decision binding on insurance companies.  He acted as if a dictator,  period.    He, now, believes that he has the right to legislate apart from congress. 
And look what this decision involves:  he has ordered insurance companies to offer a product, across the board,  and to absorb the cost of that supply.  Obviously,  if he can do this,  he can order private charities who they will add to their lists and do so, without asking for additional financial aid.  He could give me a call and tell me to start caring for the neighbor’s years,  a window,  and do so on a given schedule and without charge to anyone. 
In effect,  he has taken over the entire insurance industry with this new reform law.  I mean,  if he can tell them what to include as “offered benefits,” if he can determine what profit margins they can have,  he,  in effect,  becomes the owner of those companies. 
Time for a change.  This Marxist wannabe needs to be gone.