Fast and Furious was all about banning guns. Here is the evidence.

Post script:  Holder just indicted Obama if it can be proven that he (Holder) had knowledge of Fast and Furious.  Justice knew gun violence was "way down" from the 1990's stats;  Holder and Obama needed to prove increased gun violence,  somewhere,  so they chose Mexico and the rest is history.  

  Last Thursday (Feb 16th),  Eric Holder appeared before the House Oversight and Government Reform committee chaired by Darrell Issa (R-Ca). During his testimony,  Holder included this statement:

This administration has consistently favored the reinstitution of the assault weapons ban. It is something that we think was useful in the past with regard to the reduction that we’ve seen in crime, and certainly would have a positive impact on our relationship and the crime situation in Mexico.

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Editor's notes:  first,  I think it more than interesting that the  wording "This administration" and "we" make it clear that he considers himself and,  consequently,  the Justice Department, inextricably tied to Obama.  Secondly and of necessity,   this tells us that if the "Fast and Furious" gun running scandal,  the product of the ATF, can be tied to Holder,  Barack Obama's complicity would be a considered fact, as well   -  and who on earth believes that the strategies of Justice are not those of our Imperialist president?  

Beyond implicating Obama in "Fast and Furious,"  Holder implies that the mass murder occurring in Mexico (nearly 60,000 citizens killed in the past six years) is related to gun sales in America.  In fact,  many political analysts believe that Fast and Furious was designed to transfer guns into Mexico for the purpose of fostering the opinion that the United States gun lobby was more responsible for the carnage in Mexico than any other single entity.    The Obama/Holder tandem is fiercely “anti-gun.”  One of the first "rumors" spouted by Obama (March of 2009) was the fantasy that "90 percent of the guns in Mexico, came from the United States."  The truth is much different.  Of the total number of guns sent to the AFT for identification, 90%  were found to have been manufactured in the United States.  .  But this total represents less than 30%  of  all guns found at crime scenes in Mexico.

Finally, in Holder’s recorded testimony,  he implies that gun control legislation has been “useful in the past”  when there is very little evidence to support that claim.  September of 2004 marked the uncelebrated end to the assault weapons ban legislated under Bill Clinton.  

For years,  childish Liberal opinion held that restrictive gun laws  reduce violent crime,  and until 1998,  the statistics seemed to prove their point.   Then,  in 2004,  the gun ban was lifted.  Over the course of time since,  gun violence has not increased,  and,  in fact, the past three years has given us a second wave of reduced gun violence statistics.  Eric Holder certainly knows this to be the case  -  so he and Hussein devised this "clever" plan to send 2,000 guns and rifles to Mexico,  with no empirical methodology for tracking them.  Yes,  I am saying that those guns were simply given away (sometimes for cash, of course)  and immediately lost for surveillance purposes.  

It is humorous to me to know that Holder's claim that he "did not know,"  makes him out to be one of the more incompetent Attorneys General of our time  -  and he thinks this argument ("I didn't know") works in his favor.  I think that  he gains nothing by claiming to be stupid.  But,  what do I know about pointie-headed academics.