Does the election hinge on the state of the economy? Of course not.

TheAssociated Press is telling us  the number of available jobs in the United States jumped in December to near a three-year high, supporting other data that show a brighter outlook for hiring.  Companies and governments posted 3.38 million jobs in December, the Labor Department said Tuesday. That's up from the 3.12 million advertised in the previous month and nearly matches the three-year high reached in September.
Job openings in the private sector reached the highest point in almost three and a half years.   Still, overall hiring slipped, and the number of people who quit their jobs also declined. That suggests the job market still isn't as dynamic as it was before the recession.     Manufacturers, retailers and professional and business services all posted gains. Professional and business services include temporary jobs. But they also include high-paying positions, such as architects, engineers and accountants.
The report on job openings follows Friday's optimistic employment figures. Those showed employers added 243,000 net jobs in January, and the unemployment rate fell to 8.3 percent.    December was also a big month for hiring, but there were still 13.1 million people unemployed that month. That means an average of 3.9 people competed for each open job in December, the first time in four years that ratio was below 4 to 1.     In a healthy job market, the ratio is usually around 2 to 1. . . . .

Look, it is fairly obvious that the economy is beginning to recover,  despite the Obama barriers erected over the past three years.  Proving?    Proving the American economy is the most resilient in the world.  Talk about “American Exceptionalism”  !!!!

Point of post:  the economy will continue to be a significant influence in the coming election,  but not the only consideration.  I, personally,  see little that can happen to derail this recovery,  except,  of course,  for increasing fuel prices.  Add to this growing economic threat,  his broken promises,  his failed Middle East policies,  the disaster that is Egypt,  his lust for power and his willingness to function outside the restrictions presented by the “separation of powers,”  specific unkept promises to the Hispanic population and the college age crowd,  his decision to punk white workers,  the Catholic Church and the TEA party movement and you have the beginnings of a rather comprehensive strategy that could bring this Chicago despot down.