Debate Analysis: The winner and the "top dog" may be two different individuals.

There is little doubt that Ron Paul is no longer in this race to win.  He knows he cannot overcome the negatives that circle his foreign policy theories and is the more pleasant candidate because of that apparent admission.  

This may be the last GOP debate of the primaries and Newt was not able to hit a home run.  Indeed,  I think he won the debate,  but his confrontation of John King  was stilted a bit by Romney's participation.  Both Newt and Romney are to be noted for having come to Santorum's rescue on the contraception question,  putting that discussion in the proper context.    

While Mitt held his own,  for the most part.  Santorum had a great deal of difficulty in his defense of "No Child Left Behind,"  his support of the Department of Education and his support of Planned Parenthood.  I pointed to these inconsistencies a few days ago.  Tonight,  it all caught up with Rick and he really was not ready.  

Look,  if Mitt is "the man" and he selects a TEA party type for his VP,  the enthusiasm level will shoot through the roof. Nothing Mitt can do to confirm his so-called "conservative credentials"   is a more important statement than his choice for running mate.    This year's VP selection will be seen as the most critical choice in decades.   Pray for good sense on this on   --  even if you are an atheist. 

Should Sarah be the VP?  I think not.  Look,  no one is more a fan of the Governor, than I.  She has improved her communications ability almost beyond belief.   She now needs to be a part of a winning team  -  whether as a leader of the Conservative Movement within the GOP or as a member of a successful Administration -- Energy Secretary,  Ambassador to the Middle East,  Governmental Reform Czar (if you will),  Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare.