Two issues that might derail Newt, at least, as far as I am concerned.

One week ago,  I decided to support someone while support still made a difference,  and that "someone" was Newt Gingrich.  

Today,  I am concerned about two issues that might cause me to change my mind.  You will find my discussion of four issues further down the line of posts.  In this brief post,  I will discuss two issues.

The first has to do with Newt's statement that he would ignore those Supreme Court decisions with which he disagrees.  In a report found in The Guardian,  I found this caption:  Republican presidential candidate would order military to defy judges' ruling extending legal rights to terror suspects.  

Compare this statement to Obama's decision not to defend the Defense of Marriage Act,  a piece of legislation signed by Bill Clinton.  

I have branded Obama "as our first rogue president,"  based upon the kind of manifest thinking as seen in the above.  There are other reasons, as well,  but I will not nuance my statement, here.  He is "rogue"  because of this decision, alone.  Now,  Newt has decided to go down the same road but in matters that are agreeable to the conservative side of the aisle.  The result of both choices is nothing short of chaos.   While it might not be that important to some of you,  it is very important to me.  But,  enough said on that point.    

The second matter is more serious,  in my opinion,  and may be a game changer.  The issue of Newt's ethics violation(s) back in 1999 is disturbing to me because it evokes a near panic response from Newt.  When Pelosi threaten to reveal what she knew about that investigation close to a month ago,  Gingrich immediately went on the rampage,  threatening legal action against Pelosi.  Understand that there are disclosure rules governing this matter,  and Pelosi came close to violating them.  But,  Newt's response coupled with his abrupt refusal to even discuss the matter,  today,  is more than troublesome to me.  

Here is the problem and it is in the form of a series of questions:  does Newt actually believe that Obama does not already know what Pelosi knows?  And if it is juicy,  does he believe he can keep the matter private?  What is he going to do,  have Obama arrested or file charges on that guy?  

And should we not know all this before risking a nomination on a man could go up in flames over this issue?  

If he does not give up those docs,  or,  if he cannot ease my concern over this matter,  I will not support his candidacy and I will be quite pro-active about the deal.  We all know how lawless the Democrats can be,  and you can bet they see this election as critical as we do.  We cannot afford to have a substantive "October surprise" from the Dems.