Three debates in the next 6 days beginning Saturday night.

There is a debate/discussion forum on Saturday.  It will begin at 10:30 am and will be recorded aired on Saturday evening ----  during the Denver/New England game.  

Monday evening,  Jan 16,  will be another debate aired on Fox,  this time "live."  This is on Martin Luther King Jr's birthday.  Al Sharpton sees the scheduling of the event as racist,  but then,  the race master defines an social activity in the context of race. 

Finally,  a third debate on CNN,  Jan 19.  

The South Carolina primary election will be held on Tuesday,  Jan 24.  

The following Tuesday,  Jan 31,  we will have the Florida primary.  

Nothing is happening during the month of February. 

On March the 6,  we have Super Tuesday.  

By that time,  we should have a clear view as to the GOP candidate.