This time around, Freedom's fight is as important as your religious involvement.


A few years ago, as part of its strategy of facilitating voter fraud as a means of winning close elections, the Democratic Party undertook a campaign to secure as many Secretary of State offices in swing states as possible. From those perches, the Democrats would be in a position to oversee elections and enforce (or decline to enforce) election laws. That strategy has been quite successful, but the Democrats suffered » Read the full article at Power Line.

Understand the ingenious nature of this deception.  Here in California,  the TEA party has taken it upon itself to police the counting of ballots,  especially the absentee ballots.  TEA party folks do not count the ballots,  they only police or observe the counting.  And who does the counting?  The SEIU controlled state work force.  You can bet there will be more cheating,  in this election,  than any other election in modern times . . . . . . . and 90% of that will be by the hands of enthusiastic Democrat partisans.  They cheat.  We catch them at it all the time.  

Keep this story, Hinderaker's,  and my anecdotal example in mind as you think of the possibilities for your region.  Consider your own emotional response to all this mess,  how frustrated you might feel and how afraid that this might be the end of 240 years of tradition and history.  

Think of the fear or deeply felt concern these words strike: 

MICHELLE OBAMA (May of 2008): "Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we're going to have to change our traditionsour history; we're going to have to move into a different place as a nation"  . . . . . . 

especially as you realize that Obama has done and is doing precisely what Michelle suggests.  

As concerned at you are for the future of this country,  so too is the concern of the Lefties.  This election is no less important to them,  maybe more so.  Understand that "they" know that "we" are searching for a candidate who will (a) win the election and, (b) tear down most,  if not all, of the communalist structure these shadow patriots have constructed over the past 50 years.  If they lose this election in a measure similar to that of 2010,  their agenda will have been set-back two, three,  four generations.  The trend toward a collectivist state will have been changed.  While the battle will not be over (it will always define our political debate),  the move back to Founder's intentions will have been reestablished.  This what the election is about and they know it,  as do we.  

The Hinderaker article exposes the structured determination of the Left.  They have been on the winning side of their shadow rebellion for decades and they been successful in institutionalizing their victories;  Obama is the end game for them . . . . . . . . . . . . . . and us.  

If you are too busy to care,  to involved with your personal life to think about the future of this country,  especially during the coming 9 month period,  your have become what you say you oppose.  

I woke up to all this mess in 2008.  I know what it means to to get involved when there are so many other things to do,  so many other important things to do.  But there is nothing more pressing than the issues of this campaign.  If we fail,  on this occasion,  I seriously believe the next conservative awakening will be one that only amends a socialist, One World edifice.  This election is about tearing that structure and doing it right,  and I do mean Right.