The Obama Left and its assault on the Constitution via the portal of "gay rights"

Here is the problem with the militant gay movement that is the Obama Administration:  it is anti-free speech.  DHS is being used in this regard to the eventual conclusion of making anti-gay talk, illegal.  As you read,  you will see the subtle and implicit reference to the Department of Education in this sentence: “Experts say schools across America are inconsistent in how they address such sensitive topics. 
Understand that there is absolutely no question as to my claim in this post.  The criminalization of anti-gay speech is fact in Canada and much of Europe.  I have friends in Canada and know for a certainty that such speech is even illegal if presented in the pulpits of Canadian churches. 
The Uber Left, as mirrored in the present Administration,  has no concern for the First Amendment 1  , the Second Amendment 2, the Tenth Amendment 3  and use the 14th amendment.4 
The point of this post is embedded in the remarks above.  The AP article below is an example of hho this effort is being framed.  If you did not have my comments in mind,  you might find nothing wrong with latest AP news and it is the under the cover of acceptably worded rhetoric that the One Worlders are advancing their agenda.   
Understand that the Enemy Within is much further along with its agenda,  thanks to Obama’s angst with liberal incremental ism, than most might suppose. 

  1 - To Obama, the First Amendment is challenged and useless when inaccurate or blatantly false statements are allowed.
  2 - Liberals view the Second Amendment as governing private citizen armies.  Gun ownership is “allowed” only in this setting.  And,  of course, private citizen armies are banned in many state.  The Obama Left does not believe in private and individual gun ownership,  period. 
  3 - Liberals and,  especially,  the Black Caucus,  see the 10th Amendment (the “states right amendment”) as the single most complicit  constitutional rule allowing for the continuation of segregation.  In fact,  Al Sharpton refers to the Tenth as “the segregation amendment.”  As a governing reality,  this amendment has almost no functionality in today’s political climate.  With the passage and final approval of ObamaCare,  it will have been wholly defeated without the constitutional review demanded within the Constitution.   One of the most disturbing aspects of the Obama Revolution is the realization that constitutional processes can simply be ignored for legislative alternatives. 
   4 - The 14th Amendment allows for citizenship of all born in this country without regard to the citizenship of the parent(s).  The complications this amendment creates is being used by Libs to work against the notion of borders.  The argument is rather straightforward:  if children of undocumented or illegal immigrants  are US citizens,  what advantage is that if their families are forced to leave this country.    


WASHINGTON (AP) — Young elementary school students should use the proper names for body parts and, by the end of fifth grade, know that sexual orientation is “the romantic attraction of an individual to someone of the same gender or a different gender,” according to new sexual education guidelines released Monday by a coalition of health and education groups.
The non-binding recommendations to states and school districts seek to encourage age-appropriate discussions about sex, bullying and healthy relationships – starting with a foundation even before second grade.
By presenting minimum standards that schools can use to formulate school curriculums for each age level, the groups hope that schools can build a sequential foundation that in the long term will better help teens as they grow into adults.
Experts say schools across America are inconsistent in how they address such sensitive topics
Despite awareness of bullying, for example, Debra Hauser, president of Advocates for Youth, one of the groups involved with creating the standards, said some schools don’t address it – or at least not in relation to sexual orientation or gender identity, which is where she said a lot of the bullying occurs.
“They should tackle it head on,” Hauser said.
Other organizations involved with the release include the American Association of Health Education, the American School Health Association, the National Education Association – Health Information Network, the Society of State Leaders of Health and Physical Education, and the Future of Sex Education Initiative.