The Commune-ists among us have devolved into whining about about things . . . they are guilty of . . .

I love it.  I found this headline at Wired in a brief article regarding the Santorum candidacy,    "GOP’s New Hope: Bomb Iran,Send Nuke Scientists to Gitmo, Distract ‘Eye of Mordor."  

What I find humorous is this:  the Commune-ists among us have devolved into whining about things they,  themselves,  are guilty of condoning.  

 It is their president who replaced the waterboarding of three individuals with the anonymous drone killings of 100's of terrorists and their innocent neighbors.  Apparently,  that is somehow more humane than the Bush interrogation practice.  

They criticize Santorum's overt statements as to the potential necessity of bombing Iran while their president just sold 55 Bunker Buster Bombs to Israel for that very purpose. 

They want you to be horrified with the notion that Santorum would criminalize Iranian nuclear activity as he adds them to a growing list of "new age" terrorists,  while their president just signed into law a bill that guarantees the continued existence of GITMO.  

You libs are a joke and increasing devoid of an serious consideration.