Sarah at CPAC uniting the party: this bears repeating - Sarah will be the featured speaker at CPAC

I believe she has turned CPAC down four different times,  being critical of its ties to the Establishment GOP.  This year is different,  It is time to join mind and heart as we seek the defeat of our first Rogue President.  Palin agreeing to this appearance,  February 11, is an indication of her willingness to "lay down arms" in an effort to unite the Party.  

I personally believe this speech will set the tone for the coming campaign.  Sarah has avoided every opportunity to be divisive, to take sides.   Expect to hear "Palin the Uniter."  She is capable of a great speech and if it comes from the heart,  she will deliver on that opportunity.  Unless I miss my guess entirely,  this could be the most important speech of the 2012 campaign.  She brought the house down at the National Convention in 2008.  She is more accomplished and has a stronger since of direction than back then  (who isn't?).  

My picture selection is perfect,  by the way.  It shows a serious Sarah Palin,  the kind of Palin I  see on center stage come February 11. . . . .  an exciting moment in history,  I hope and pray.  

Think Reagan.