Romney finally breaks the 25% barrier.

An Ipsos poll, commissioned by the Left leaning Reuters, shows Romney with 37% of the South Carolinian vote,  Ron Paul and Rick Santorum tied for second at 16% and Gingrich with 12%. You should know that other polls,  taken before yesterdays event,  have Gingrich in second place, with 22% to Romney's 25% 

Before this poll was taken,  Gingrich was running a strong 2nd, but his anti-capitalism rant against Romney has taken him completely out of contention.  

This poll was posted on Saturday  around 6:30 est,  after the Huckabee forum.  The South Carolina primary vote is on the 24th,  a week and a half from now.

I say "finally" in my headline,  but, of course,  Romney won New Hampshire with nearly 40% of that vote.  Another similar victory, in South Carolina,  would put him very much in the drivers seat.  It is time for the Governor to start talking about a VP choice.  

I have reason to believe that he is looking at Kelly Ayotte,  a US Senator from New Hampshire and a TEA party candidate in 2010.  

Understand that nothing can be more harmful to the GOP's long term existence than to elect a president who does not keep his promises.  If Romney is the man and promises are not kept,  we are looking at a third party scenario in the years to come.  I would be a leader in that effort.  

Some will say, "When that happens, it is the end of conservatism in America."  I say, "Not necessarily."  Look, if such should be the case and the two conservative parties,  actually three if we Libertarian Party, the Patriot Nation and the Establishment GOP,  partner at during the presidential elections,  the movement will continue,  even flourish.  But not this year.