Obama defeated again, by the Supreme Court and the vote was 9 to 0.

Two weeks ago, we had this

United States: There's No Sense Waiting To See What The U.S. Supreme Court Has To Say About GPS Tracking   10 January 2012  HYPERLINK

The gist of this article is straightforward:  warrentless GPS tracking is perfectly legal.  Of course that means that anyone can tracked without their knowledge,  much less their consent.  Know this:  a law that can be misused will be misused.  

Today,  the Supreme Court what Centralized Big Government jurists said would not happen.  

 James Vicini of the National Post gives this summary of today's decision. 
WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court for the first time ruled on Monday that police attachment of a GPS device to monitor a suspect’s vehicle was a search protected by constitutional privacy rights, a test case involving new surveillance technology.
The high court’s ruling was a defeat for the Obama administration, which defended the use of global positioning system devices without a warrant and without a person’s knowledge as a legal way to monitor a vehicle on public streets.
The justices upheld a precedent-setting ruling by an appeals court that the police must first obtain a warrant to use a GPS device for an extended period of time to covertly follow a suspect. . . . . 

The High Courts  vote was unanimous.