New Hampshire final results for both the Democrats (Obama) and the GOP. Its all good !!

2012 New Hampshire in historical context: First,  the final results:

Results for New Hampshire Republican Primary (U.S. Presidential Primary)
Jan 10, 2012 (98% of precincts reporting)
Mitt Romney96,81439.3%
Ron Paul56,25922.8%
Jon Huntsman41,53716.9%
Newt Gingrich23,2309.4%
Rick Santorum23,0859.4%
Rick Perry
Michele Bachmann

......................................243,018 total vote

The historical context

We liked John McCain,  in New Hampshire,  in 2000.  He won the primary against George W Bush with a total vote,  a record total,  of 115, 940.  In a year when New Hampshire Republicans were enthusiastic for the coming election (after eight years of Clinton),  the total primary vote in the state was 236,802 . . . . . another record for a New Hampshire GOP primary.  

Four years later:  the revolution that became the TEA Party movement of 2009, began its manifest infancy with the 2004, election.  Bush won his re-election bid.  He won the New Hampshire primary,  as well, but with a total [Bush] vote of just 67, 833.  While he won  re-election,  the GOP lost ground in its congressional elections while maintaining a thin-line control of both houses in congress.  

In 2008,  the tables had turned on McCain, in particular and on the GOP in general.   The conservatives within the GOP were not fans of the Senator and were "sick and tired" of compromising with the devil.  Some 5 million did not even bother to vote,  in rebellion to Establishment leadership and the John McCain nomination.  In New Hampshire, however,  McCain secured a relatively strong first place finish with 88, 517 votes and a 37.7 share of the total primary vote.  

2012 New Hampshire primary in Review

2012 GOP turn out in New Hampshire was an all-time  record of  243,018.  Romney's personal victory garnered the second highest total in the primary's history.  The turn out,  which had been described as "disappointingly low" all night long,  proved to be a very encouraging result of the primary election.  

Obama's Primary "Victory"

In 1994,  Bill Clinton got 96% of the Democrat primary vote in his re-election year. 

By contrast, in 2012,  Obama,  in his re-election year,  took only 80% of the primary vote, yesterday.  This was reported during the night, last evening,  but I cannot find the Democrat primary results on the web,  this morning. Someone will post it,  but the Lame Stream is not interested.