New Hampire - a first report with explanation. Updates later tonight

Huntsman will come in third.  70% of his voting base describe themselves as moderate and liberal. 50% say they are satisfied with Obama.  With such friends , it is difficult to see how Huntsman expands his base within the GOP and goes on from here. 

Ron Paul will come in second,  but will give up double digits to Romney.  Paul is the only candidate to come out in defense of Romney and his activity at Bain Capital.  

Santorum and Gingrich have high hopes for South Carolina,  but no GOP candidate has ever won South Carolina without sinning either Iowa and/or New Hampshire.  Its not looking good for the losers. But,  a 26 televised "movie" awaits Romney in South Carolina thanks to "pac money" and the Gingrich campaign.

Mitt Romney is tracking at around 36% in New Hampshire and, with what appears to be a record turn-out,  this is especially significant.  There is significance in the fact of the record turn out.  Hopefully,  it indicates a high degree of  enthusiasm Republicans have for the coming election.  

Update (12 midnight, pst) :  according to the AP, Returns from 69 percent of New Hampshire precincts showed Romney with 38 percent of the vote, followed by Texas Rep Paul with 24 percent, former Utah Gov. Huntsman with 17 percent and former House Speaker Gingrich and former Pennsylvania Sen. Santorum with 10 percent each. . . . . . total vote is expected to exceen 2008 totals by 4 percent.