More troops coming home or relocating out of Africa and Latin America (we have troops in Latin America ?)

(Reuters) - The Obama administration will unveil a "more realistic" vision for the military on Thursday, with plans to cut tens of thousands of ground troops and invest more in air and sea power at a time of fiscal restraint, officials familiar with the plans said on Wednesday.

The strategic review of U.S. security interests will also emphasize an American presence in Asia, with less attention overall to Europe, Africa and Latin America alongside slower growth in the Pentagon's budget, the officials said.
Though specific budget cut and troop reduction figures are not set to be announced on Thursday, officials confirmed to Reuters they would amount to a 10-15 percent decline in Army and Marine Corps numbers over the next decade, translating to tens of thousands of troops. . . . 

Editor's note:  before we right wingers go nuts,  this is a draw-down that will take place over the course of a decade and will effect troop stagings in locations that are not threatened by opposing military forces.  Obama is not talking about a total draw down.  If he listens to his generals,  this could be a good thing.