Just in time for the elections: Obama to be outed by one of his own.

From all reports, Michelle Obama  believed that Rahm Emmanuel's willingness to cut backroom deals during the battle over health care reform was tainting Barack Obama's image as a new kind of American leader.  
Ahhhh,  so we weren't the only ones . . . . . . the wheeling and dealing was, indeed,  harmful.  It revealed the bill for what it was,  a hodge-bodge of financial favors having nothing to do with national health issues,  deals made with Senators,  a lock-out of Republican ideas,  and a final draft written by only two people,  Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.  
Understand that there is a very revealing book coming out entitled,  The Obamas,  that will discuss many of the negative concerns experienced within the White House staff.  And it is coming out this year.  The book is being written by an Obama insider, someone who supports Obama,  and is credible for that reason.  We have no cover to post,  but the book has been drafted.  It will be campaign fodder for the Right,  you can bet on that.  
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