House Democrats propose to limit oil company profits and steal their surplus away from them.

H.R. 3784 or  The Gas Price Spike Act, is the brainchild of House Democrats,  hell bent on punishing the capitalist system for making money.  Their first victim will be Big Oil.  Embedded in The Gas Price Act,  is a provision that will set up another agency,  one that will monitor profit margins each of the individual oil companies in our country.  The unelected bureaucrats that will make up this board (sorry, no elected officials allowed),  will decide profitability limits for each oil company,  year after year, based upon what they will determine as  a "reasonable profit."     The advisory board would, then, assess a 50% to 100% tax on all profits exceeding their "reasonable profit" standard.     This money would be considered "surplus" by the communalist on this board and as such,  the board could claim all the surplus for the central government.  

In addition to the above,  this bill would give a tax credit for purchases of fuel efficient cars and would fund a mass transit bailout fund.

Its popularity rating is 43-57 against the bill,  one that was introduced by Dennis Kucinich  (D/Oh).  A patriot would never come up with such a bill  (if "patriotism" is defined by an allegiance to liberty at all levels)

Understand that when you lose the ability to determine your own profitability,  you are a de facto  property of the State.  We either stop these people with the coming election, or get ready to defend our right to be free by other means.  

If that means civil disobedience in perpetuity,  so beit.  While you are still free,  take time to make a call or write a letter.  Understand that if you do not do this,  no one else can.  

I cannot call Nancy Pelosi's office to complain.  They will not take my call because she is not my representative.  She can pass laws that effect me,  but I cannot call her to complain.  Something seriously wrong with that picture. 

Anyway,  for now,  go the way of peace and write a letter.  They do listen to our protests if done in concert.  Last Wednesday's media strike proves that point.