His State of the Union Campaign Speech: He truly ran out of new ideas around the fifth week of the his first year.

 I took time to listen to both CNN and Fox News in their analysis of the speech.  The Fox coverage, was,  by in large,  predictable.  The Luntz focus group said, "The speech was dark and divisive," and "more of the same old, same old." 

On CNN,  David Gregen,  a solidly Liberal Democrat,  contrasted Clinton's last speech before his re-election campaign, with this speech and Obama's re-election strategy.  Gergen made these points:  "Clinton moved to the middle, worked with both parties and backed off some of his more radical views."  Gergen went on to say, "Obama has done the opposite,  He has doubled down on his views.  He may have made his base happy with this speech,  but we shall see how it is viewed by the larger population."  There was a subtle negativism to Gergen's comments . . . . perhaps a predictor of the coming election.  

 Understand that Obama wanted a debt commission and then,  ignored its  recommendations.  

His signature legislation,  the health care reform bill crammed through congress after a year of divisive compromise,  is supported by only 38% of the electorate.  

And tonight,  he advanced his class warfare strategy as he called  for higher taxes on the rich and implied that those taxes are necessary to push forward education,. a substantive military, healthcare and reductions in the national debt  ---  again,  all of this on the back of a one trillion dollar tax increase to the rich.  In effect,  he said  "We can't have tax breaks for the rich and push forward those efforts critical to our best interests." Few seem to see the humor in this nonsense,  but a one trillion dollar tax increase on the "rich," spread out over the course of 10 years,  which is the Obama plan,  amounts to 1/10th of the annual debt.   While some will argue,  "it is a start,"  the fact remains it amounts to empty rhetoric and a next to nothing "solution."  

In his speech,  tonight,  he ignored addressing Medicare and Medicaid,  Social Solution,  the six trillion dollar debt crisis,  and increasingly dangerous world, the increased threat of nuclear war in the Middle East,  homeland energy strategy that bring down fuel prices,  the failure to provide "shovel ready jobs" or substantially deal with  the 15 million folks who have no job.   But,  he did made a plug for three more government agencies. 

A well worded but pathetic speech.