Gallup may be trying to win the election for Obama? Caution !!

Obama 47% Romney 48%
Obama 50% Paul 43%
Obama 51% Santorum 44%
Obama 54% Gingrich 40%

Hmmmm,  That's funny.  Just last Monday,  Jan 23,  Mitt and Newt were running behind Obama by the same margins,  and it was close:  50% for Barack and 48% for the two GOP contestants.  See the Daily Kos for confirmation.     

Let’s get something straight.  The election will not be decided by Left leaning polls and lies in the Marxist Media informing us of the growing divide between Obama and his opposition,  a growing divide that works in his favor. 
It will be the product of “trench warfare.”  

Obama won the first election by just 7% of the national vote.  Does anyone actually believe that he has increased his voter appeal since then?  When was the last time someone won a presidential election campaigning on raising taxes,  running the government on his own without the benefit of the Congress (House or Senate), and ignoring half the population he has condemned as either too rich or too raciest or too stupid or too religious or . . . . . whatever?

Whether a particular polling firm is complicit in the effort to discourage the opposition and gain victory for Barack,  you should, at least,  consider the possibility.  Begin with the knowledge that bias exists in the media.  Never forget that reporters in the major Leftist media have spoken publically, of the need to abandon “objectivity” because of the importance this election,  and recall these facts on every occasion you see or read a public opinion poll  ---  can't hurt.  

Be diligent,  patiently determined, with an eye on what must be accomplished.