Ford's Fusion, a big success.

Ford is about to hit a grand slam home run with the newly designed Ford Fusion.  The 2012 is a nice looking car;  the 2013 (pictured right) is one to be envied.  Ford continues to increase its market share as GM is steeped in the midst of an 8,000 vehicle recall for its Volt.  It is the only one of the "big three" that refused money from the Obama Investment Firm.  Since those bailouts,  Chrysler completely sold out to Fiat,  a German based company now holding 100% ownership in Chrysler  --- at a loss to the taxpayers of 1.5 billion.  GM, has invested 4 billion in the Chevy Volt, has missed its sales goals by 40% and has a stock price (last Friday) of $21 a share,  down from its IPO value of $33,  representing billions in lost capital to the taxpayer. 

Want to "stick it to Obama" for his stupidity?  Buy a Ford and run his ignorant self out of the investment business.  ............................Click on the images to enlarge.  You'll like what you see.