Do we really want Romney? Here is what awaits the Governor.

Do we really want Romney as our candidate? 

Here is the case against Romney. If  I were Obama,  this would be my strategy: 

I would have my minions play up the fact of the Mormon black bias.  Its there and it is an undeniable fact.  Only in the past 40 years did the Mormon Church move away from its bias.  And even,  now,  there are no blacks in the higher levels of church leadership. 

I would make a big deal that I,  Barack Obama,  paid a higher rate on my income taxes than did Romney. This morning,  Mitt revealed that he taxes using a 15% tax rate.  My wife and I pay taxes on an adjusted 20% rate.  

I would milk the H out of the Bain Capital circumstance. In the debate on Monday,  Romney did a pathetic job of dealing with the issue.  There is no excuse from him not be ready for the questioning.  Maybe there is more to this tale than meets the eye.   

I would argue my 4 years of experience as "President of the United States"   against Governor Romney's four years of compromise with a Democrat legislature.  

I would make the case for using RomneyCare as my template for ObamaCare,  whether true or not.  

I would push Romney's flip flop on abortion and related issues  (appointing pro-abortion judges and etc.).  

I would challenge Romney's claim that he created jobs.