Did Newt just get caught in a lie?

Turns out he lied during the debate in which he castigated John King of CNN.  At the beginning of the debate,  after blasting King into next year,  he cited the witness of two or three witnesses to his marriage with Marianne as he denied an open affair with his mistress, Callista,  now his wife.  

At least,  that is what is being reported in Politico.  Let's remember that the Politico editors could not care less about truth telling.  It was Politico that dug up those women used to bring Herman Cain down;  four women accusing Herman of multiple affairs.  After he quit the primary race,  these four women completely disappeared,  evidence of the Politico's immoral intentions.  

So, is this another lie from Politico?  Time will tell, but the story from this low life media source is news,  today. 

See the story here,  but wait to hear what comes next: