Chevy recalls 8,000 Volts (what a shock) in a marketing disaster unparalleled in auto sales history.

Chevy recalls  more than 8,000 of its hybrid electric cars (the Volt) because of complaints regarding a little matter of fires in the engine compartment; it seems the 400 pound  $10,000 battery pack catches fire.  Understand that 8,000 cars represents all of the fleet's sold vehicles. While the Volt was selling 6,000 units last year,  missing its sales goal by 40%, it now has to recall all of its vehicles, sold last year and before.

The Volt has been a marketing joke.  Its retail cost is around $40,000 per car,   eliminating most of the middle class Obama claims to be protecting. Last month,  sales totaled only 1,500 vehicles.  Understand that 5 million cars are sold in this country each year and as many as 10 million units when the economy if booming.  As weak as Volt sales have been,  they would have been worse without a $7,500 rebate program from the Feds and now,  millions will be spent in replacement costs. This vehicle has already cost the American taxpayer more than 3 billion dollars with,  apparently,  no end in sight.

We can only imagine the impact of all this negative press on future sales.