Ahmadinejad is everywhere in our backyard.

As Obama is drawing down our military,  suddenly moving them into the Pacific Theater, and trying to cut Iran off from the rest of the world because of Iran's nuclear positioning, the rest of the Hostile World sees this as an imperialist move by the United States over the issue of oil.  Of course,  we know this is not true (we do know this,  right?) ,  Obama is facing a growing threat in the Middle East . . . . . . maybe that is why he is high-tailing it out of that part of the world in the name of creating peace and stability.  Since becoming president,  he has over-turned all previous diplomatic accomplishments for the sake of his own,  self-serving,  know it all "instincts."  And the diplomatic world of Barack Obama is an absolute mess.  His ventures into Libya and Egypt appear to be backfiring.  He has moved out of Iraq without regard to the blood shed by our soldiers,  leaving that country  in the hands of a Shia government increasing its alliance  with the Shia government of Iran.  Diplomacy be damned. He has back-stabbed the U.S./Israeli alliance and betrayed the U.S./British alliance.  And,  incredibly,  he is moving our military out of the most dangerous region in the world at this time,  or did I miss a peace treatise or two ?   And now,  the Obama mess is moving into our back yard.  Here is part of that story as reported by Reuters.  ---- blog editor


CARACAS (Reuters) - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez dismissed a U.S. warning to avoid close ties with Iran on Sunday, denouncing what he said was Washington's attempt to dominate the world as he welcomed the Iranian president to the Latin American nation.
Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (pictures left)  arrived at the start of a tour to shore up support from the region's leftist leaders, as tough new Western sanctions aim to isolate the Islamic republic and target its vital oil exports.
"A spokesman or spokeswoman in Washington from the State Department or the White House said it was not convenient for any country to get close to Iran. Well, the truth is, it made you laugh," Chavez said in a televised speech.
"They're not going to be able to dominate this world. Forget about it . . . .  Obama, forget about it. It would be better to think about the problems in your country, which are many," he said.  "We are free.  The people of Latin America will never again kneel,  dominated by the imperial Yankee.  Never again to applause from his audience at an oil processing facility. 
Chavez highlighted Venezuela's many energy joint ventures with China during his broadcast from the huge Petromonagas oil facility. And he accused the U.S. government of trying to slow China's advance as a great power of the 21st century.
"The imperial Yankee is also trying to put the brakes on Russia, as an emerging power again after the fall of the Soviet Union. And the imperial Yankee is trying to slow the growth of Iran as an intermediate power," he said.
"They are inventing that Iran, Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua are preparing attacks against the United States ... You have to watch it carefully. It is a threat against us."