Marcy Wheeler's Pro-Union Thuggery — And a Raging Homosexual's Blast From the Past!

Robert Stacy McCain tweeted this entry yesterday at Patterico, "Rewriting History on the Attack on Steven Crowder and the Relevance of Kimberlin/Rauhauser Tactics." At issue is Marcy Wheeler's "tent trutherism," which I also covered here.

It turns out Patterico had a long Twitter exchange with Wheeler, seen here: "Sophistry? No, Lying," and he introduces the post with this:

Behold Marcy Wheeler, @emptywheel on Twitter, employing the usual leftist thuggery and sophistry.
Yes, behold the thuggery. Wheeler threatened to contact the Los Angeles District Attorney's office in response to Patterico's comments on Tuesday's union attacks on AFP and Steven Crowder:

It's always the same. Progressives, like cornered animals, revert to harassment and thuggery when called out on the issues. This afternoon, as I was getting ready to wrap things up for the semester, I was searching my work inbox for some recent emails on student learning outsomes that my colleagues had sent (my college is doing SLOs this semester). And while going through these I came across this four year-old email from an outraged Steve Clemons, now of The Atlantic, who complained that I hammered him as "leftist nut." I don't think I payed much attention to it at the time. And I don't even remember that Clemons cc'd his complaint to my school's student newspaper, "The Viking," and all five of my full-time political science colleagues (whose names have been redacted). I've been through this sort of thing more than a half a dozen times now. There isn't a more despicable left-wing tactic than to get an opponent's employer involved in an effort to silence dissent and shut down opposing views, but I'm a bit more keen nowadays to how these totalitarians operate:
From: Steven Clemons []
Sent: Friday, November 28, 2008 10:47 PM
To: Donald Douglas; Viking News
Cc: xxxxxxx; xxxxxxxxx; xxxxxxxxxx; xxxxxxxx; xxxxxxx
Subject: Your Comments about my position on Proposition 8 -- and your characterization of me as a "leftist nut"

Professor Douglas --

I'm surprised you would characterize my comment on my own marriage situation as I wrote about it on Thanksgiving at The Washington Note as a “rant” -- or that you would depict me as a "leftist nut."

For those I am copying on this note, here is my post:

Here is your post:

You are a professor of political science whom I have never encountered before, and on your blog, you state that you will engage in serious debate and state your views and positions vigorously.  I admire that and hope you encourage your students to adopt high intellectual standards in their own inquiry and debate.

But what I find odd is that you would engage in personal attacks or offer what is essentially slander of someone's positions and views rather than debating them on their merits.  Your attack against me was not based on an intellectual argument about the institution of marriage but more of a ridiculous assertion that I’m a “leftist nut spewing BDS across the blogosphere.”

I see right away from a logo on your site that you support Proposition 8.  Your side won the debate so far.  Those I favor did not.  But the debate is going to continue to stew for some time, and I hope that you set a better standard for your readers and your students than you do in your attack on my political position.

For the record, I have been far more engaged over the years helping the dissident Republican crowd who have problems with the current course of US foreign policy than I have been positioned with what you call the radical left.  In fact, if you were more familiar with my blog, you will see that I tend to criticize ideological zealotry by the left and the right.

You would also see that I helped produce the recently acclaimed book selected by the New York Times’ Michiko Kakutani as one of her Top 10 in 2008 by David Ignatius, Zbigniew Brzezinksi and Brent Scowcroft on US foreign policy.  That book which was a major effort of mine is not something that what you call the nihilist, post-modern left would subscribe to:

I am all for serious debate, but I don’t think that your blog attack on me represents your best work — or at least I hope it doesn’t.  I hope you reconsider your statements.

I'll be sure to stop in next time I am at LBCC which I have visited in the past.  I am from Southern California and was the first Executive Director of the Nixon Center — affiliated with the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda — and no one involved in that institution would confuse my views as those from a radical left position.

Steve Clemons
Director, American Strategy Program
New America Foundation
Washington, DC
Amazing, isn't it?

And all that for what? Well, here's the post I'd written a few days after Prop. 8 passed in November 2008, "Gay Rights and the Postmodern Agenda." And from the introduction:
I did not know Steve Clemons was gay. In fact, the only thing I knew about Clemons, from reading his columns occassionally, was that he seemed like one more classic leftist nut spewing BDS across the blogosphere. The erudition of Clemons' essays did nothing to disguise his representation of the essential nihilism of today's postmodern left.
As one can tell, I'm making an argument from experience that Clemons' commentary on Israel differs little from the anti-Israel extremists in the BDS movement, and I suggested that he "seemed" like a "leftist nut." A normal person would most likely shrug their shoulders and move on. That's a pretty mild attack, and hardly anything exceptional considering the flame wars I've had with people over the years. Perhaps Clemons' could  have just rebutted the points on Israel in a blog post? And slander? That's a matter for civil court? But no, the guy gets his dander up and fires off an indignant response to my work contact email address, copying it to the school newspaper and almost my entire academic department. That's thuggery.

But what's especially hilarious is Clemons' childish reasoning and illogical argumentation. Getting all huffy, Clemons whines about me being a professor, etc., who welcomes serious debate, blah, blah. He then blows off my comments as "not based on an intellectual argument." Er, not quite. And had Clemons himself possessed a shred of intellectual integrity he would have rebutted the evident claim that his positions on the Middle East, etc., in fact diverged little from the BDS talking points that are the staple of progressive anti-Israel eliminationism. But all of that was actually a prelude to what Clemons was really mad about, which was that I'd criticized the Prop. 8 mobs and I called him out for using the same demonizing language that leftists were using to silence criticism of the radical homosexual marriage agenda. As I wrote at the post:
As for the rest of Clemons' rant, I'm a little surprised he's resorting to the same smears of intolerance and bigotry used by every other 9th tier leftist on the web.
The fact is, Clemons' couldn't rebut my comments. Instead, he thought he could bully me with workplace intimidation. And on top of that he pulled off the logical fallacy of argumentum verecundiam, the attempt to prevail in debate by appealing to authority.

Clemons is a self-important egotistical blowhard who couldn't argue his way of out a paper bag, although that didn't stop the dimwitted honchos at the Atlantic Group from making him "Washington editor at large for The Atlantic..."

In any case, here's the pathetic buttfreak's essay on homosexual marriage from 2008: "Uncomfortable Thanksgiving: Obama, Prop 8, and My Marriage." He's attacking traditional Americans as "intolerant bigots." That's pretty strong stuff, IMO, and if you're going to dish it out you ought to be able to take it. But progressive never can, so they resort to the only methods they have left: faux outrage, intimidation, harassment, and threats.

So remember, never cave to this idiots. Steve Clemons. Marcy Wheeler. They're all the same. They're frankly no different from the union goons rabbit-punching Steven Crowder. Expose them. This is who they are. This is what they do.